All the products have middle-high quality features.

We use first-rate yarns with CE mark, woven with high-tech looms, dyed and finished in dyeing plants certified with the quality mark OEKO-TEX.

The following list of different materials is only a summary of the articles available in the warehouse.

Feather lining: acetate/viscose – polyester 100%  (130 colours/book)
Twill lining: acetate/viscose – viscose 100% - polyester 100%  (60 colours/book)
Satin lining: acetate/viscose – viscose 100%  (20 colours/book)
Knitted fabric lining: polyamide 100%  in various weights and yarns (80 colours/book)
Cloth: cotton 100%  - cotton/polyester in various types and weights (40 colours/book)
Adhesive Interlining: a complete range of products, various colours, for the different applications (voile – cotton – texturized – knitted fabric, etc.).
Jersey and Tulle cloth in various types.